This is the main portal of my site, linking all the different web-pages I have together. I hope you find something to your intrest, and enjoy!

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The Continuation of Princess Rouge

The Princess Rouge anime released by Media Blasters was never compleated in Japan. Therefore, I have decided to continue it through fanfics.

Pokemon: Den-Geki Pikachu -The Manga- Uncensored

Viz edited this Pokemon Manga when bringing it to the States. This is my page to inform people about these edits, and what can be done about it.

The English Manga Edit List

With the recent influx of edited manga, someone suggested making a list of edited manga. This is the BETA version of that list.

Nick no Heya

An "about the webmaster" page. Includes short stories I've written, other information about me, and lists I've made...

The PokeWars!

Strange and pretty bad stories I wrote over the course of a year, along with other people's stories that directly pertain to my own. New stories are now being added for a new character.